Using A Free Poker Tools Or Calculators Online


Playing online poker has many distinct advantages, one of them being able to use a poker tool to help you learn the game besides the fact that you can play from home without having to travel to a casino. When first learning to play poker using some free poker tools can be quite advantageous. You can learn poker math by using most of these tool. Some of them are even more specialized. Like for example Sit and Go shark which is a nice little program that helps to teach you how to play Sit and Go tournaments. Calculatem Pro is another great program that will help to tech you poker math while you are playing online. Most of these poker tools are available free when you open an account at certain poker room or you can purchase a copy for a nominal fee. Holdem Genius is another free poker tool that will teach you how to play Holdem while you are online. These tools are generally for use online only. The way they work is that when you log on to a poker room that allows the tool to run you can use it while you are playing at the table.

One of the easiest way to learn poker math is to use a tool like Calculatem pro or Holdem Genius. the software actually does all the work for you. Once you start using this online tool you will find that you will get a sort of second sense for what moves to make. Most of these types of programs also allow you to adjust them to your playing style. I recommend you get a book on poker math and read it. After that get a tool like Calculatem Pro and start using it when you play online and you will soon see poker math in action. Poker math is an important factor in becoming a profitable player. If you are serious about learning the game of Holdem and you want to become a winning player then you need to know about things like pot odds and outs. What this will do is let you know when it is profitable to chase and when you need to lay a hand down. Also knowing youre outs is very important when you are trying to figure out what you should do. Once you understand this you can also manipulate the odds in your favor when you have the best hand and deny your opponents the right odds to draw out on you.

Holdem Genius is another great program that basically will teach you Texas Holdem while you are playing. Holdem Genius will give players the edge they need at the table – everything from hand odds to pot odds, outs to betting advice. Holdem Genius™ is the most advanced poker odds calculator ever invented. If you are serious about improving your game this poker tool can help you advance by leaps and bounds in no time.

My Personal favorite is Sit and Go Shark which is programmed to make you an expert at winning in sit and go tournaments which are 1 to 6 table tournaments. Most of them however are single table tournaments consisting of 6 to 10 players. This program was developed by a Professional player called Roy Rounder. So when you use the software its like having a pro right next to you to give you advice. The program steps you thru all the levels of the game. From how to play at the table with it full and how to adjust your game as players drop out. This program is a great tool to teach you how to play these types of tournaments. After about 6 months of intensively using this program I quit using it because the information became so ingrained in my game that I knew what to do with out it. It also improved my skills in the local home games I played. I can highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get better at playing tournament Texas Holdem. This program is free if you sign up in certain poker room’s or you can purchase a license for it.

I also want to mention Coach Rounder which is another program by Roy Rounder. This program takes your hand history from poker rooms you have played in and collects it to be analyzed. Once analyze you get a detailed report on where your game is lacking. It is a very extensive program which requires 500 hands to be uploaded per report. Once you get the 500 hands uploaded it will send you an email and let you know that your report is ready. The reports will show what you are doing right and what you need to work on. I think this program is more useful for someone that has been playing for a while and not for the total novice.

Poker Usher is the last of the free poker tools I will mention. It is a bit off topic but and interesting idea for more experienced players. This program helps you to analyze tables to find the most profitable poker table in the online poker room. I have played with this program a bit but it is still new so I dont have hard facts on it as of yet. So far I have found it to be very useful in finding the most profitable table in a room.

With the recent changes in online gambling for cash for American players it is important that you find a room that excepts cash and to make sure that the software will work there before you purchase or use any of these free poker tool.

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